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Industries: SaaS

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Miami, United States

Size: > 50

Products in this case study: 


The Customer

Uptrends.com is the leading provider of online analysis of website activity, service level agreements, hardware, and transactional monitoring. It offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to its global client base, generating web performance reports, customized user overviews, and detailed usability reviews. 

Uptrends has over 1,500 customers in 23 countries, including blue chip clients such as IBM, eBay, Getty, Shell, and HSBC, and is recognized for providing superior performance to its clients. It has offices in North America and Europe, with over 60 partner checkpoints covering all major cities of North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. 

The Request

The main priority for Uptrends was to optimize the overall performance of its website and keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Its clients demand constant accessibility, a reliable service, and consistently fast response times. Uptrends offers its online services to customers as a virtual instance, via its own private cloud. Through this cloud platform, customers can access their key reports from any location. If a customer’s website goes down, the Uptrends platform informs them immediately, so the customer can resolve the problem immediately, which keeps customer downtime to a minimum. Uptrends customers’ appreciate the unique qualities of this approach.

Uptrends website and infrastructure needed to be fast and dependable, providing its clients with reliable access to reports and subscribed services. Moreover, any downtime caused by a hosting provider would have a direct impact on the services it provides, which could irreversibly damage Uptrends reputation. Several internal consultants at Uptrends had worked with Leaseweb in the past and highly recommended its services.

"Leaseweb exceeded Uptrends requirements for a reliable, high-quality hosting solution, ensuring optimum uptime, while maintaining and enhancing the exceptional reputation Uptrends already has with its clients."

Coen H. Backer, Chief Technical Officer

The Solution

Leaseweb provided a colocation solution for Uptrends, which comprised of multiple full racks of servers with the option to expand where necessary. In addition to a prime location in Amsterdam, the world’s leading Internet hub, Leaseweb offers a network uptime of 99.9999%, and an available bandwidth of 5.0Tbps. This superior connectivity and hosting infrastructure met Uptrends requirements exactly.

Uptrends immediately found one noticeable benefit from the transition to Leaseweb, which was an increase in the loading speed of its website. The loading time improved by one second. This is hugely important as speed counts towards Google’s page rankings.

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