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Industries: SaaS

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Size: 30

Product in this case study: 

Dedicated Server

The Customer

SpamExperts is an international, leading provider of professional premium email security solutions—hosted in the Cloud or on-premises—for webhosts, ASPs, ISPs/Telcos, SMBs, and enterprises. The three key services include inbound email filtering (for spam and viruses protection), outbound email filtering (for IP reputation) and email archiving (for back up and compliance). SpamExperts' mission is to deliver premium quality services at a fraction of the price of competition, which has enabled the company to become the preferred email security service provider for webhosts, while experiencing a nearly 100% annual growth rate over the last five years.

The Request

SpamExperts used to host its Cloud using a mixture of different suppliers and hardware, partially with desktop servers. The company realized this was not the optimal solution to sustain its fast growth. Therefore, SpamExperts decided to consolidate its entire infrastructure via a single IaaS provider, which could secure geographic redundancies and global connectivity at a competitive price.

The SpamExperts team knows the hosting market extremely well, due to their ten years’ experience working within the industry. Therefore, SpamExperts knew exactly what it was looking for and had a predetermined list of requirements.

Criteria for selecting the new SpamExperts' dedicated servers provider included 24/7 emergency support with spare parts on-site for quick repair, excellent global network connectivity, hardware quality at competitive rates, and highly secure data center locations (ISO 27001). These requirements matched up perfectly with the services of Leaseweb.

"Leaseweb is a very secure and reliable IaaS provider that offers excellent global connectivity and leading-brand hardware at competitive prices."

Dreas van Donselaar, CTO & Co-founder

The Solution

Leaseweb provided SpamExperts with a cluster of leading-brand dedicated servers. This included quad-core and hexa-core servers, alongside high-bandwidth servers that offer data-traffic up to 100 TB per month with a dedicated port that can burst up to 1 Gbps. Each server features the latest technology, including SSDs. This enables SpamExperts to process large amounts of commercial data at superior speeds.

Spread over three different locations, SpamExperts' dedicated servers now reside in the Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S. This gives SpamExperts geographic redundancies that mitigate infrastructure failures and natural disasters to ensure business continuity.

Although direct costs for SpamExperts increased due to this infrastructure consolidation, overall it has brought significant savings to other company resources thanks to the increased hardware stability. SpamExperts now run its hosted cloud product completely on Leaseweb Dedicated Servers. SpamExperts is also moving its data analysis and real-time threat collection platforms, in order to consolidate its entire business infrastructure with Leaseweb.

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