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7000 viewers

Infoshare first day

83,000 minutes

recorded at Infoshare alone


Industries: SaaS

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Gdańsk, Poland

Size: 11 - 50

Products in this case study: 

Dedicated Server

The Customer

RTCLab specializes in developing innovative and easily integrated real-time communications software solutions for enterprises, service providers, vendors, systems integrators, and developers. 

RTCLab was founded by Christopher Milkowski and Łukasz Kosikowski – two developers with over 14 years of experience in managing large IT, R&D, software development, and audio-video engineering projects. RTCLab specializes in developing innovative and easily integrated real-time communications software solutions for enterprises, service providers, vendors, systems integrators, and developers.

While working together in the video conferencing industry, they realized that many companies and enterprises ran into the same problems with their services – and by creating their own tool their own way, they could solve the plaguing difficulties that many video conferences suffered. So the pair started from scratch. With their acquired knowledge and experience, they set out to create what they dreamed of from the beginning: breaking the Zoom monopoly and showing that video conferencing can be done better and safer.  

Thus, in 2016 RTCLab created LiveWebinar: a platform enabling users to run a webinar with one click without installing any software. Users can join a room and meet face-to-face with clients from any location, operating system, or device. The easy-to-use platform adapts to all existing systems and allows the promotion of products or services, onboarding of new team members, improving sales and team collaboration, and more. Milkowski and Kosikowski’s dream had finally come true – and the launch of LiveWebinar was only the beginning.

Key Requirements

  • Reliability: events and conferences need to run smoothly
  • High bandwidth: providing high-quality streaming for every customer
  • Scalability: infrastructure ready to scale at a moment's notice

Our Solution

  • High performance servers in Germany, Singapore, and the United States
  • 24/7 support from Leaseweb experts and favorable SLAs
  • High bandwidth network infrastructure

The Challenge

LiveWebinar was asked to co-organize Infoshare in 2020, the largest IT-Tech conference in Central Europe. It was the first time the event would be held entirely virtual. LiveWebinar knew that they needed to have everything running under optimal conditions if the event was to be successful.

“We had to support many thousands of users at the event as well as the high bandwidth load from broadcasting a top-quality audio-video stream,” says Łukasz Kosikowski, CTO at RTCLab.

“With this type of event, the stability of the transmission was essential. The dedicated servers handling the streaming had to be extremely reliable.”

At the time, LiveWebinar had its infrastructure hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and knew that they would need to ramp up additional backend infrastructure for the event. “We needed to scale up our resources to handle the increased usage during Infoshare,” says Kosikowski, “but with AWS, things such as scaling and adding supplementary support resources were costly, and the resources were not responsive enough.”

“When we were using Amazon Web Services it was costly to scale and add supplementary support resources. AWS simply did not have the personal service we needed compared to what we get from Leaseweb.”

Łukasz Kosikowski, CTO, RTCLab

The Solution

LiveWebinar added additional backend infrastructure that could handle the multi-tasking structure of the event.

“First of all, due to the large number of audio-video streams, the dedicated servers needed to be stable so that the quality of transmission wouldn’t be affected,” said Kosikowski. “The servers not only needed to handle high-quality streaming, but they also needed to simultaneously give priority to recording the event speakers. Leaseweb was able to provide this solution quickly and in the exact customized setup that we needed.”

“We were able to deliver Infoshare in the appropriate environment - the quality of transmission was satisfactory, and there were no distractions from the infrastructure. Leaseweb’s dedicated servers responsible for recording the speeches performed perfectly.”

Christopher Milkowski, CEO, RTCLab

The Outcome

Infoshare went seamlessly, clocking in 191 speakers on nine event stages, 83,00 recorded minutes of guest talks, and 7 thousand viewers received on the first day alone. The smashing success was a massive win for LiveWebinar, and proved that they could provide secure, high-quality video conferencing services even better than big-name providers.

The Future

LiveWebinar has no plans of slowing down, both in the streaming world and in their continued relationship with Leaseweb. “We have been partners with Leaseweb for quite some time and we are satisfied – you have continuously provided great quality and services,” says Christopher Milkowski, RTCLab CEO.

“Why change something that’s good and works?”

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