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25 Gbit/s

Average data processing volume


lower operating costs compared to hyperscalers

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Industries: SaaS

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Size: 200+ employees

Products in this case study: 


Dedicated Server


The Customer

MarketTech is a high-performance digital marketing and mobile advertising pioneer known for helping the world’s top mobile advertisers activate global audiences and for publishers to monetize their apps.

Founded in 2008, MarketTech is a mobile ad tech company dedicated to empowering their customers with solutions that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with target audiences, and for publishers to monetize their apps. Their product suite is tailored to design an experience for the user by creating real connections.

The Challenge

MarketTech acquired two companies that had established relationships with another provider for their U.S. hosting requirements. These companies were pushing 25 gigabytes of data per second continually in the U.S., and their intense bandwidth demand was quite expensive through their previous partner. MarketTech needed an adaptable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that could offer better service and value for their investment.

The Solution

MarketTech was familiar with Leaseweb USA, prompting the company to reach out and explore relevant services and product options. Leaseweb USA was chosen by MarketTech due to their competitive pricing and network layout, including a data center located in Manassas, Virginia (WDC-02) that was in close proximity to east coast locations – which solved latency concerns. Leaseweb USA developed a custom solution for MarketTech, including dedicated serverscolocation, and network services.

Key Requirements

  • Flexibility – the ability to customize solutions to perfectly suit MarketTech’s needs
  • Return on investment – a more competitive option than the previous provider
  • Latency and agility – the power to keep up with MarketTech’s growing needs

Our Solution

  • Dedicated Servers: with a lower cost per CPU compared to alternative hosting services
  • Colocation: with certified engineers available 24/7
  • Leaseweb Network: high-speed connections with traffic load balancing
  • Services in New York and Manassas, Virginia
  • Personal consultation and support services

The Support

Leaseweb USA supports MarketTech by providing an account manager, a customer success manager, a pre-sales engineering team, and a technical support team. In addition, an online support portal and network engineering team were provided to ensure fast response time and personalized support. The team focuses on provisioning, backup, recovery, and other advanced server requirements to ensure server resources are available at all times, allowing MarketTech to focus on its business.

The Outcome

Leaseweb USA’s customer solution is serving all of MarketTech’s U.S. hosting needs at only 60% of the cost of their previous supplier - one of the world’s largest cloud providers.

Since beginning their partnership with Leaseweb USA, MarketTech has expanded to their second Leaseweb data center in New York (NYC-01). Leaseweb USA was able to customize a solution that gives them connectivity between Manassas and New York, providing redundancy and quick, scalable capacity when needed. Leaseweb USA also provided the ability to connect to a hyperscaler with Leaseweb Cloud Connect, giving MarketTech extra resources and increased flexibility.

Thanks to Leaseweb USA, MarketTech enjoys server efficiency, faster processing speeds, flexibility, and the scalability necessary to grow IT resources on demand. Additional servers or upgrades are delivered quickly when required and without the excessive costs involved with other providers.

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