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Industries: E-Commerce

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Size: > 200

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The Customer

Kelkoo Group is the European leader in e-commerce advertising and price comparison, operating multiple brands including Kelkoo, LeGuide, Pikengo, and Pricesavvy. With 20 years of experience in e-commerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics, Kelkoo Group is trusted all over the world by merchants, publishers, and e-shoppers for the quality and performances of their services.They are the only e-commerce marketing platform with proprietary shopping websites and a network of premium publishers. Kelkoo Group uses shopping intent data and cutting-edge technology to deliver highly converting traffic to merchants and monetization opportunities to publishers.

Kelkoo Group works with more than 31,000 merchants and 2,700 direct publishers globally, reaching 40 million e-shoppers per month.

The Customer

Initially, Kelkoo Group hosted all their own infrastructure in Grenoble, France. As the business grew, they wanted to find a global hosting partner to take their services to the next level. Kelkoo Group required secure hosting facilities, a high-quality network, and some strategic and operational support.

Having all their infrastructure in one location meant that their online services were at risk if a disaster occurs on-site. Kelkoo Group were looking to replicate their systems to a different site as a disaster recovery measure.

In terms of network, it was particularly important for Kelkoo Group to get scalability on bandwidth, as traffic to Kelkoo Group’s e-commerce websites ebbs and flows with consumer demand.

Kelkoo Group operates a high-volume, low margin business, so it’s crucial that they optimize their costs where possible. They were looking for a partner that had this optimization ethos and would reward them with cost savings when possible.

The Solution

Leaseweb provides Kelkoo with colocation services at their top-tier, ISO certified data centers at strategic locations across the globe. Although Kelkoo Group manages its own servers, Leaseweb assists with strategy and operations – including infrastructure design and migrations. In 2016, when Kelkoo Group acquired LeGuide, Leaseweb helped migrate all the LeGuide infrastructure from Paris to Amsterdam, while keeping their services up at all times. Leaseweb Engineers were there to move the servers onto multiple vehicles and then transport all the equipment, while backup servers kept the LeGuide services running.

Kelkoo Group uses the Leaseweb Network to get high-speed connections around the world. The state-of-the-art network has the capacity to deal with large volumes, and its traffic load balancing ensures efficient traffic handling to meet surges during busy periods.

Leaseweb has helped Kelkoo Group expand to improve the redundancy of their systems. As a disaster recovery measure, Leaseweb duplicated Kelkoo Group’s systems in a twin data center located in Brussels, Belgium – this location was opened-up on request from Kelkoo Group.

Key requirements

  • Cost optimization – driving down costs where possible
  • Hosting facilities – secure data centers in strategic locations
  • High-quality network – capacity and scalability to deal with spikes in traffic
  • Disaster recovery – new measures for redundancy
  • Flexibility – supporting customer with specific demands

Our solution

  • Cost savings – reducing infrastructure costs by 40%
  • Colocation – at Leaseweb’s top-tier, ISO certified data centers
  • Leaseweb Network – high-speed connections with traffic load balancing
  • Twin data centers – duplicated systems to ensure high availability
  • Personalized service – assisting with strategy, design, and migrations

The Support

Leaseweb handles network support for Kelkoo Group, and due to its flexible approach, Leaseweb adapted its support model to fit with Kelkoo Group’s needs – functioning 24/7 at the operating system and application level. Now, both teams work efficiently on day-to-day operations with robust procedures and efficient communication.

By working together for such a long period of time, the companies have formed a strong relationship - with people from both teams getting to know each other on a personal level. Leaseweb pride themselves on providing a more personalized service than their competitors.

"I really value the connection we have with the people at Leaseweb. We have our meetings and negotiations, but then make sure to have some fun with activities like skiing or going running together. It’s a real trust relationship which is huge."

Michael Trommsdorff, CTO, Kelkoo Group

The Solution

There hasn’t been a single outage or moment of downtime for Kelkoo Group since they started working with Leaseweb almost 10 years ago. Kelkoo Group is getting the network quality and scalability they need through the Leaseweb Network, which ensures no downtime and optimal page downloads and therefore gives the best experience for e-shoppers.

Kelkoo Group is operating in 22 countries and continues to expand internationally. They are partnering with Leaseweb to continue their international expansion and in the future are planning on setting up more hubs in new locations across Europe and The Americas.

Leaseweb optimizes everything it does to bring the best costs to its customers. By making ongoing optimizations, Leaseweb has been able to reduce Kelkoo Group’s hosting costs by 40%.

"We often do analysis and price comparison with our service providers, and we computed it’s about 15x cheaper for us to use Leaseweb compared to one of the major cloud providers."

Michael Trommsdorff, CTO, Kelkoo Group

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