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Industries: E-Commerce

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: the Netherlands

Size: 20

The client

Intrastores is a Netherlands-based online retailer that has been serving customers since 2007. It has built a stronghold in automotive parts and garden and home products, which are some of the fastest growing segments in e-commerce. With its collection of 57 specialty online retail outlets, Intrastores has quickly become one of the fastest-growing online retailers in Europe with a satisfied customer base of over 50,000. Intrastores has experienced year-on-year double-digit growth throughout its history. 

Intrastores has experienced double-digit growth through the course of its history. Core drivers of our business growth strategy include unrivaled product selection, superior customer experience, and recruiting and maintaining outstanding talent.

The Request

With Intrastores continued expansion across Europe, marked by a nomination for the 2012 European E-commerce Awards in Barcelona, the need for reliable, scalable hosting was vital. Alongside this company growth, its in-house technical expertise had also developed. Therefore, it became more financially viable to manage servers themselves, eliminating the need for a managed hosting party.

"Leaseweb’s support department never closes and their engineers are always ready to solve any hardware or network issue."

Tim Oosterbaan, CEO & Founder

The Solution

Leaseweb provided Intrastores with seven dedicated servers  and three virtual servers based on VMware, advice, and 24/7 support to give them a reliable and scalable platform from which to expand. While Leaseweb’s global infrastructure gave Intrastores the stable and secure platform it was looking for. Leaseweb’s deep understanding of the e-commerce market, along with matching Intrastores requirements, allowed Intrastores to smoothly transition from local managed hosting parties to leading hosting provider Leaseweb.

This enabled Intrastores to achieve monthly savings of 30-40% on hosting expenditure, while continuing to expand throughout Europe. These savings come from timely provisioning, outsourced support, and advantageous rates on networking and servers.

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