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Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia 

Size: 60

The Customer

Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers. Founded back in 2007 by French entrepreneurs in Tallinn, Estonia, it has expanded its team to Spain and Bulgaria and serves customers in 196 countries worldwide. With advanced in-house optimization technology and over 14 years of ad tech experience, Adcash's solutions provide businesses with digital advertising tools to deliver real results in a simple, enjoyable, and profitable way. Download the full Adcash case here.

Key Requirements

  • Service - Technical support team that could respond to urgent system issues
  • Performance - Designed to handle millions of clicks per day to help optimize the user experience
  • Scalability - a solution that could grow seamlessly with its business

Our Solution

  • Personal consultation and support service – Leaseweb can build and manage a platform and support during the whole process
  • Leaseweb Network – redundant high-speed connections with traffic load balancing
  • Multiple data centers globally to assist in any region

The Challenge

Digital advertising is a high-needs industry that relies on infrastructure to deliver quality advertisements for consumers. For years, Adcash kept running into problems with hardware. The online advertising company needed a reliable and cost-efficient infrastructure to continue providing its customers with consistent service.

Adcash's previous hosting company was sufficient as they were getting off the ground. However, as the company looked to scale, the executives soon came to the realization that they wanted to take their infrastructure to the next level without breaking the bank. Adcash found it challenging to have multi-account support without spending significantly more with its previous hosting company.

"To me, the technical support Leaseweb provided was the standout factor that assured us we made the right decision. We're happy with the solutions Leaseweb has provided for us, and I am confident in the fact that they will continue to help us serve our clients better."

- Anthony Rouillot, CTO, Adcash

The Solution

Adcash began working with Leaseweb's cloud-hosting solutions and dedicated servers in June 2020. Leaseweb provided Adcash with the technical support they needed at a cost-effective rate. Adcash utilizes Leaseweb's Dedicated Servers to assist their customers in all 196 countries better.

Additionally, Adcash is able to scale their workload with the additional resources Leaseweb's Dedicated Servers provide. The platform allows the company to reduce downtime and improve performance significantly, giving them a leg up in its vast sea of competitors.

The Support

The main reason Adcash values its partnership with Leaseweb is because of its outstanding technical support. One of the best IaaS networks in the world, Leaseweb has 25 Internet Exchange peering points and 36 points of presence across Europe, the U.S., and Asia. Combined with private peering and global transit provider arrangements, Leaseweb is able to maintain a core uptime of 99.999% and 10 Tbps available capacity.

Leaseweb's support team also provides customized strategic services. The team ensures server resources are always available as new customers come on board for Adcash, and it continues to grow its presence around the world.

The Outcome

Leaseweb's global network of data centers and high-performing servers with greater bandwidth and speed, and supported by Leaseweb's network of customer support professionals, enables Adcash to conduct its advertising business fluently from its headquarters in Estonia to its offices in Barcelona and Sofia.

Leaseweb is always on hand to help with provisioning, backup, recovery, and other advanced server management requirements. This allows Adcash to focus on providing outstanding support to their customers worldwide and set a solid foundation for a long-term working relationship with Adcash.

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