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Report Abuse and Illegal Content

Leaseweb is a trademark under which various Leaseweb Sales Entities operate, each of which is a separate and distinct legal entity. Each of these Leaseweb Sales Entities promotes a high level of responsible behavior in connection with the use of Leaseweb services and respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires that users of Leaseweb services do the same.

Leaseweb Policies

The various Leaseweb Sales Entities have therefore each adopted a stringent policy to which all respective Leaseweb customers must adhere, and which ensures rights holders can enforce their rights effectively.

The various policies, including the Leaseweb Policies regarding the acceptable use of our services, prohibited activities and illegal content list can be found and downloaded per relevant Sales Entity here.

The Leaseweb Sales Entities are not aware of the use of the Leaseweb services by customers, or customer’s end users nor can these Leaseweb Sales Entities verify what content is available or stored on the Leaseweb servers.

If you have identified that a customer is using a Leaseweb Sales Entity’s service in violation of that Sales Entity’s Policies, your rights, or any applicable law, please submit an abuse notification to the appropriate Leaseweb Sales Entity. Please visit this page to find out how to submit a notification.

Each of the countries in which the respective Leaseweb Sales Entities are located has its own legal framework in place for processing abuse notifications. Each Leaseweb Sales Entity will process abuse notifications it receives in accordance with the requirements of the legal framework of the country in which it is established.

Terrorist Content Online report (‘TCO’)

The Regulation 2021/784 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2021 on addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online (‘TCO’) grants competent authorities of EU Member States the authority to issue removal orders to hosting service providers for the removal of terrorist content.

Member states that want to report terrorist content can send their removal orders to:
Leaseweb Netherlands B.V. – abuse@nl.leaseweb.com
Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH. – abuse@de.leaseweb.com

Please ensure to cc tco@global.leaseweb.com when removal orders are submitted. 
For questions or additional information, please contact us at tco@global.leaseweb.com and we will process your request.
Please send removal orders to the correct Leaseweb Sales Entity and email addresses to ensure proper processing. 

Digital Services Act (‘DSA’)

From 17 February 2024, the Digital Services Act (known as DSA) has become applicable to so called Online Intermediary Hosting Providers, like Leaseweb.

The DSA is formally based on the Digital The Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of the European Parliament and Of The Council of 19 October 2022 on a Single Market For Digital Services and amending Directive 2000/31/EC.

The DSA strives to achieve a safe digital environment and digital economy and to jointly combat illegal content online.

Leaseweb Netherlands B.V. and Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH have implemented the DSA obligations applicable to a provider of hosting services under the DSA in their respective Policies, which can be viewed here.

Competent authorities

For Orders to act against specific items of illegal content or an order for information issued by competent authorities of EU Member States, please contact the relevant Leaseweb Sales Entity as instructed here.