Uitgebreide bescherming tegen de meest geavanceerde bedreigingen

Stem uw bescherming af op alle aanvallen, waar ze ook op gericht zijn – inclusief DDoS Layer 3/4-aanvallen en Layer 7-aanvallen. Daarnaast beschermt het beveiligingsbeleid van Web Application Firewall tegen de meeste geavanceerde aanvallen, zoals injecties, cross site scripting, ongeldige doorverwijzingen en forwards, etc.


Uitgebreide, volledig op maat te maken ondernemingsbescherming voor een onbeperkt aantal domeinen en onbeperkte DDoS-afweerservices.


Omvat alles wat het midden- en kleinbedrijf nodig heeft om websites te beveiligen, inclusief bescherming voor één domein en DDoS-afweerservices tot 5 Gbps.

Integrate Leaseweb Cybersecurity into your own systems with our API

View data and control your security measures using your own familiar applications by integrating our resources into yours using our REST API. It means you can simply import all the information you need into your existing dashboard, NOC or SIEM of choice.

Expert 365x24x7 support

Our 365x24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) is constantly ready and will react instantly to any incoming attack by initiating mitigation procedures. They will also issue a formal and detailed attack report delivered after each attack so you know precisely what happened and what was done to repel the attack.

Total control from a fully customizable dashboard

Get a complete overview of your security situation with information on blocked or suspicious traffic, top malicious IPs and geographies. You can also dive deeper into a specific IP, data range or rule set. Find the data you need easily with intuitive graphics and download or share the metrics you need.


Comprehensive and fully customizable enterprise-class protection for unlimited number of domains and unlimited DDoS mitigation.


Includes everything that SMEs need to secure their site including protection for one domain and DDoS mitigation up to 5 Gbps.

Comprehensive protection against the most sophisticated threats

Customize your protection against attacks wherever they are targeted – including DDoS Layer 3/4 attacks as well as Layer 7 attacks. In addition, Web Application Firewall (WAF) security policies protect against most sophisticated attacks such as injections, cross site scripting, invalid redirects and forwards.