DDoS IP Protection

Stop IP attacks in their tracks. Our detectors and scrubbing centers around the world instantly isolate and re-route malicious traffic so your business can continue unaffected. Our free Standard Service is good but add-on our extra services for the ultimate protection.


Let's talk IP Protection:


Why get extra IP protection?

All our Dedicated and Bare Metal servers, as well as our Colocation services, come with our Standard IP protection for free. It will happily deal with attacks up to 5 Gbps – which is more than enough for many incidents. But attackers are getting bolder and more sophisticated so we offer additional services to provide the ultimate protection. Our Customized service will clean up 8x more bad stuff. And our Always On service gives even faster reaction times – plus a lot more besides. What price your peace of mind?


Get additional protection against volumetric and protocol based attacks as well as those on the application layer.

Always On

With constant monitoring for attacks taking place, this service gives you the fastest possible response to a DDoS attack.

  • Be ready for anything

    While our Standard service protects against some volumetric and protocol based DDoS attacks, our Customized and Always-on options protect against all types of DDoS attack and can cope with attacks on a much greater scale. The offer more fine-tuned attack detection as well as more options for how to deal with perceived threats.

  • Tailor the protection to your specific needs

    Fine tune the protection you are getting. Customized and Always On solutions enable you to dive deeper into a specific IP, data range or rule set to get a much higher level of protection. You can also set specific profiles and rules for any environment to tighten up security against particular threats.

  • Keep in touch. Stay in charge.

    If the worst happens and you are targeted by a DDoS attack you will be automatically notified by email – whichever level of IP protection you have opted for. The customer portal lets you control these notifications quickly and simply. Customized and Always On services give you the option for more detailed reports.