I know Leaseweb by reputation and excellent pricing models. This was a major determining factor in our decision to choose Leaseweb as our IaaS provider.


The organization
XDA Developers is an international community of global developers that discuss and share ideas regarding mobile phone development. The XDA portal is the largest Android development community in the world. It allows developers to share and collaborate on ideas, and add value to their projects by sharing the files they are working on. The portal currently supports 5.5 million members, with 42 million posts, and 1.5 TB of files.

Key requirements

  • Best pricing available
  • Stable hosting environment

The request
XDA wanted to reduce the costs and increase the stability of its infrastructure. XDA knew exactly what kind of setup it wanted. However, XDA’s request was relatively complex compared to most hosting requirements. Therefore, Leaseweb’s highly trained engineers worked together with XDA to refine the request, in order to create the optimal solution.

XDA’s main requirement was to get the best pricing available, but just as important was to find a company that could provide an incredibly stable hosting environment.

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Leaseweb’s engineers have a very high level of technical expertise, which helped in developing our solution. The whole process went just as I had planned, while the Leaseweb Customer Portal makes it very easy to manage our infrastructure. — Dave Drager

The solution
Leaseweb provided XDA with a dedicated private rack that contains 15 IBM hexa-core servers. XDA’s private rack features a tailor-made switch setup, which consists of two switches joined together by a virtual chassis with a 10GE uplink.

Increased stability
Fashioned by Leaseweb, the redundant switch setup gives XDA a fault-tolerant Internet connection. While XDA’s infrastructure also includes a single dedicated server positioned outside of its private rack. This complex solution ensures the high availability of the XDA Portal, which means its community of developers can always share their thoughts with one another.

XDA’s servers are now more powerful than before, but due to Leaseweb’s extremely competitive rates on leading-brand hardware, XDA managed to reduce its operating costs by 20%. The headquarters of XDA are located in Philadelphia; therefore, Leaseweb provisioned XDA’s servers in the Leaseweb Washington D.C. Data Center. This lowered the overall ping-time—while a state-of-the-art network reduced XDA’s backend latencies by 80%.