Leaseweb is a stable hosting provider, the largest in the Netherlands, and a major world player. What’s more, very few hosting providers have this much bandwidth in their network.


The organization
The Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that operates the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Wikipedia is available in more than 287 languages and contains more than 30 million articles contributed by a vast volunteer community. Based in San Francisco, the Wikimedia Foundation receives its funding through donations and gifts. Wiki-based projects attract more than 530 million unique visitors each month, which ranks Wikimedia as one of the world’s most popular web properties.

Key requirements

  • Massive bandwidth
  • Stable platform
  • Superior connectivity
  • Redundant network
  • Optimal uptime

The request
Wikimedia was looking for a stable hosting provider that could the handle the billions of page views on its many different publishing projects, including Wikipedia. These publishing projects run on the same central infrastructure, of which most components are located in Florida, while the European components are located in the Amsterdam region.

Due to the amount of traffic on Wikimedia’s websites, Wikimedia required a hosting solution with a large amount of bandwidth, which could grow alongside its leading project, Wikipedia. Wikimedia expect Wikipedia to contain increasingly more visual data in the future, including streaming video.
Wikimedia has its own fiber-optic network in Amsterdam but due to the size of its Internet projects and its commitment to ensure the stability of its websites, Wikimedia prefers to spread its risks.

Quote icon

Leaseweb’s network has a highly redundant design with good connectivity and ample possibilities for variation when selecting Internet paths — Brion Vibber


The solution
Wikimedia initially requested an offer for bandwidth services from Leaseweb. However, since both parties have similar visions with regard to the development of the Internet, Leaseweb decided to give Wikimedia a dedicated amount of bandwidth free of charge.

Leaseweb believes the Internet should remain an open community that allows people to exchange information with minimal restrictions. Therefore, Leaseweb gave Wikimedia a bandwidth capacity of 2 Gbps as a sponsorship contribution for a period of three years. 

Leaseweb is one of two external bandwidth providers utilized by Wikimedia—Leaseweb currently handles about one-third of Wikimedia’s total Internet traffic.