When our SaaS roll-out really took off with customers around the world, it was no problem to scale up with Leaseweb

The organization

TOPdesk is the leading service management software for IT, Facilities Management and eHRM helpdesks. Every day, over 4000 international companies use TOPdesk’s service management software to process questions, complaints and malfunctions. The result? A superb experience for every customer around the globe.

In 2007, TOPdesk introduced a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution alongside their regular ‘on-premises’ application. As well as giving its customers many benefits, the SaaS option opens up many new opportunities for the company – particularly as it expands its offering into many new countries around the world.

Key requirements

  • High scalability
  • High reliability
  • Certified security
  • Low costs

Our solution

  • Private Cloud
  • Bare Metal Servers
  • Extensive physical and data security measures at data centers
  • Compliance and certification

The request

TOPdesk was quick to recognize the potential of SaaS back in 2007, seeing it as a way of developing stronger relationships with customers. The company, however, did not have the required infrastructure to actually host it for customers – nor did they want to spend their resources on it. They needed a hosting partner who was able to scale up as the business grew and provide a highly reliable and secure hosting service in order to maintain the trust and goodwill of TOPdesk users. Uptime, scalability and availability were paramount.

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Security, availability and scalability are key requirements for us. Thanks to Leaseweb’s hybrid cloud solution hosted worldwide in their certified data centers, we can easily scale up whenever we need, while our customer’s data remains safe — Jeroen Boks

The solution

In order to meet all of TOPdesk's needs, Leaseweb developed a hybrid cloud solution consisting of Private Cloud, Bare Metal Servers and storage, underlined by advanced SLAs. This enables TOPdesk to quickly scale as and when needed, with the power and flexibility to handle any type of workload. In addition, the physical and data security measures of Leaseweb’s Tier 3 data centers give TOPdesk complete peace of mind while the NOC provides efficient troubleshooting whenever required. Leaseweb also helps with hosting certification issues to reassure TOPdesk customers of the integrity of the SaaS solution. The Leaseweb platform ensures a superb customer experience with low latency and high performance.