This is a company with incredible technological solutions that meet our precise requirements - especially in terms of reduced latency and server availability.


The organization
Sunset Games is a young, energetic gaming company located in Israel. Its passion is developing action and role-playing (RPG) games with high frame rates. Tank Fighter is the first major game from the company that is globally available through Facebook. Tank Fighter is a real-time, fully synchronous, multiplayer action game, which utilizes extreme combat between more than 100,000 players from around the world.

Key requirements

  • Low latency
  • High bandwidth availability
  • Rapid scalability
  • Global network with strong European and U.S. presence
  • Consultative support from experienced engineers
  • Competitive pricing

The request
Action games like Tank Fighter require real-time updates within gameplay. If there is any network latency, it can seriously affect a player’s score. Imagine the firing of a missile; with high latency levels, two players might see it at different times. This can have a serious impact on gameplay and scoring.

Therefore, the ultimate challenge was to create a smooth running, real-time network, multiplayer game with minimum latency. Sunset Games also wanted to expand its offering from the U.S., into both Europe and Russia.

To extend the reach of its popular action game Tank Fighter, Sunset Games was looking for a hosting provider that could deliver global, high-speed network reach alongside a stable and rapidly scalable server environment.

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Leaseweb has delivered 100% uptime for months on end, and offers fantastic network abilities coupled with extremely low latency rates — Shay Hugi


The solution
Creating a multiplayer, real-time network game with minimum latency is especially difficult when relying on Technology Community Platform technology and the Adobe Flash platform. Sunset Games opted for off-the-shelf server software, Smart Fox, for its real-time messaging, backed by a reliable infrastructure setup from Leaseweb.

The solution incorporated dedicated servers to start with, all connected to a top of rack switch. The interconnections enable high-performance cross-server communication that allows the game to run at optimum speed and provides premium game-play for the end-users.

Minimal ping time
Sunset Games ran tests on ping times in multiple locations around the world for several hosting providers. Leaseweb performed very well against competitors. In addition to utilizing Leaseweb’s data center in the U.S., Leaseweb’s Amsterdam base gives Sunset Games the proximity of infrastructure required to service its expansion to customers in both Europe and Russia.

Since Sunset Games placed its server infrastructure with Leaseweb, the company has received virtually no complaints from over 100,000 registered players about lag or anything else connected to its network technologies. This has given the developers more time to create an even better gaming experience for players.