We are very impressed with the reduction in the cost of our dedicated hosting provision since we moved our core servers to Leaseweb. The customer service has been exceptional.


The organization
Reto-Moto is a gaming developer based in Copenhagen, specializing in the creation of innovative online entertainment software. Founded in 1997, it immediately created IO Interactive, a joint-venture operation with Nordisk Film, which went on to create and release the multi-million selling Hitman and Freedom Fighters franchises.

In April 2008, the founding members of Reto-Moto left to reform the organization with the intention of taking advantage of the way the gaming industry had evolved since the group's inception, predominantly via multiplayer focused games. In 2010, Reto-Moto began work on its latest game, Heroes & Generals.


Key requirements

  • Understand the hosting requirements of Heroes & Generals
  • Good global connectivity and low latency
  • Flexible and scalable to support future expansion
  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • Reliable and stable

The request
Heroes & Generals differs from other multi-player games, for instance MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, in that it merges the formats of a first-person shooter with a strategic campaign layer. Shortly after Reto-Moto began developing the game; it became clear that the requirements of the new gaming platform would place serious demands on its hosting provider.

Heroes & Generals operates on its own, custom software, developed specifically for the game. Therefore, Reto-Moto needed unrestricted access to its servers, as well as a choice as to the type of servers used, in order to provide their gamers with the most reliable service possible.

Ultimately, Reto-Moto was looking for a bespoke hosting service, provided at an affordable price. It also expected to see steady growth in the number of Heroes & Generals players after the game's launch. This required a highly flexible and scalable IT infrastructure to manage increasing and fluctuating numbers of gamers playing on the online platform.

Additionally, Reto-Moto needed sufficient capacity for its iOS and Android app expansion. This was particularly important in order to prevent the server from overloading and causing latency problems, as well as ensuring the best possible gaming experience.

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We are highly encouraged not only by the stability and scalability of Leaseweb's solutions, but also by their shared enthusiasm in innovative online gaming platforms — Hans-Henrik Grüner-Pedersen


The solution
Leaseweb gave Reto-Moto a stable and secure platform, which included access a state-of-the-art network that ranks among the best in the world. This network has a highly redundant design with exceptional connectivity, and offers a number of different possibilities for selecting Internet paths.

Leaseweb was able to offer a responsive global support team, with gaming industry expertise, who would maintain a watchful eye over the network and help address problems before they could cause any issues. This made Leaseweb the ideal partner for helping the Reto-Moto to launch Heroes & Generals.

In addition, Leaseweb demonstrated the required level of flexibility and scalability needed to handle peaks and troughs in traffic to the Heroes & Generals platform, as well as the planned expansion of the existing product offering to smartphones and tablets. Leaseweb was also able to provide required access to the servers so Reto-Moto could manage the game's software.

Since switching to Leaseweb, Reto-Moto has seen a 40% cost reduction in its dedicated hosting service expenditure.