Storing photos needs to be easy, and uploading needs to be fast. That is why we chose Leaseweb. They have a very fast network with good connections across Europe and beyond.


The organization
Founded in 2003, is a free, rapidly growing online photo service with more than 1.3 million members. Its website allows users to upload photos, so they can share them with family and friends. Members can print their photos and create their own photo albums.

MyAlbum has local versions of its website in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, and Vietnam. In just a few years, it has grown into an Internet company with more than 30 employees with a turnover in the millions.

Key requirements

  • Fast and secure network
  • Good connections
  • Stable organization
  • Excellent network support

The request
MyAlbum uses its hosting infrastructure to offer free, safe, and easily accessible ways to store and share photos. Therefore, it needed an IaaS provider who could provide a flawless experience for its online photo service.

MyAlbum were looking for a stable organization that could provide a highly scalable hosting service. Due to the fact, MyAlbum has numerous local presences in different countries; it also needed a high-speed network with excellent connections that was highly secure.

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We’ve had experience with various hosting providers but Leaseweb is simply the most stable organization and is growing strongly — Jappie Hoekstra


The solution
Leaseweb gave MyAlbum a Debian Linux-based hosting solution that features 78 dedicated servers with Leaseweb’s Basic Service Level Agreement. MyAlbum also received access to a highly secure, state-of-the-art network that provides a massive bandwidth capacity.

MyAlbum has the knowledge to manage its own equipment, with a Xen-based virtualization environment installed on every server for maximum flexibility. However, Leaseweb manages the network, taking care of the connections and bandwidth, in order to give MyAlbum’s end-users the smoothest experience.