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The organization
Founded in 1999, Kelkoo is Europe's third largest e-commerce website and one of the largest e-commerce advertising platforms in Europe. Its comprehensive website offers a one-stop shopping service to help customers locate, research, and buy a wide variety of products. Kelkoo operates in twelve countries, making it one of the most respected comparison websites in Europe.

Key requirements

  • Central location in Europe
  • Great Internet connectivity
  • Scalability and growth potential
  • Quick turnaround in handling traffic peaks and dips

The request
Traffic to Kelkoo’s online shopping website ebbs and flows with consumer demand. The increasing number of offers and merchants Kelkoo manages, together with a growing need for more frequent product data updates, meant it required a fast and scalable network infrastructure.

Kelkoo needed a hosting provider with the capacity and scalability to support any sudden increases in traffic. This would ensure virtually no downtime and optimal page downloads, which will provide the best customer experience.

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Leaseweb delivered a well-thought solution that met our company objectives. When we need to expand our capacity, they provide a solution very rapidly — Michael Trommsdorff


The solution
Leaseweb gave Kelkoo a colocation solution that includes over 13 racks that offer quick and easy adjustments. This lets Kelkoo take advantage of a state-of-the-art network with high-speed connections via the world’s principal telecom carriers and Internet Exchanges.

Traffic load balancing provided by Leaseweb ensures efficient traffic handling to meet surges during busy periods and maintain high stability, which is important for an e-commerce client.

Leaseweb also handles network support, and due to its flexible approach, Leaseweb adapted its support model to fit with Kelkoo’s needs—functioning 24/7 at the operating system and application level. Now both teams work efficiently on day-to-day operations with robust procedures and efficient communication.