Hybrid Cloud gives us a cost effective way to guarantee high performance even during surges in online demand.


The organization

Gravity makes recommendation systems that automatically analyze and learn from browsing behavior to help users find new online content that’s relevant to them. Recommendation systems are better than search algorithms as they can guide customers to items or content that they didn’t even know they were looking for. Currently serving over 5 billion recommendations each month, Gravity generates more than $40 million per month in extra revenues for clients such as Allegro and Daily Motion.

Key requirements

Reliability – Gravity’s offer to customers includes a 24/7/365 availability guarantee

  • Low latency – recommendations must be generated virtually instantly
  • Scalability – the service needs to be smooth even during surges in customer traffic

Our solution

Hybrid Cloud combining:

  • Bare Metal
  • CloudStack Private Cloud
  • Private racks in The Netherlands, Singapore and USA

The request

Gravity’s business depends on being able to provide recommendations to users around the world virtually instantly. While traditional dedicated servers could provide the required processing power, they weren’t easily scalable at times of high demand. So the company needed a way to ramp up compute capacity instantly – while still maintaining reliability and speed to deliver results to users in near real-time.

Quote icon

We were looking for a long term partner with a good network backbone, low latency and close proximity to a major IX. Leaseweb gives us all that – and much more — Gabor Vincze, Gravity R&D’s Head of Global Services

The solution

Leaseweb initially provided Gravity racks of dedicated servers out of our Netherlands, USA and Singapore data centers. Close proximity to key European, American and (especially) Asian markets and the performance of the Leaseweb network were important in minimizing latency in all those regions. As demand grew, we switched up to a hybrid cloud model using Bare Metal to give increased capacity as well as the ability to scale up instantly whenever there’s a surge in demand. Along with our pay-as-you-go CloudStack Private Cloud and the Leaseweb API, this Hybrid Cloud provides a cost-effective way to maintain high levels of performance – at considerably less cost than other commodity cloud providers.

The solution was highly customized to Gravity’s specific requirements and achieved through a very close working relationship. As Gabor Vincze says, “Leaseweb is not just a shop for us but a long term partner with great technical knowledge who is helping our business grow”.