We are very impressed with the service and products that Leaseweb has provided us with. We feel secure in knowing that Leaseweb is a trusted supplier for us.


The organization
App2Shop is a leading mobile app developer with a strong focus on mobile commerce. It develops mobile applications for its customers and builds mobile shops for e-commerce retailers. App2Shop currently solely operates in the Netherlands, but has ambitions to expand throughout Europe.

App2Shop boasts an impressive profile of 40 apps that have generated more than 3.5 million downloads. The company offers its customers a one stop, turnkey mobile app solution and already supplies brands such as ADP, Autotrader, and Lenco.

Key requirements

  • Stable and secure connections
  • Flexible and fast
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Pan-European presence

The request

The popularity of smartphones and tablet devices has spurred a rise in m-commerce, allowing consumers to order products on the move, wherever they are. Therefore, the brands whose mobile apps App2Shop developed must have a stable and resilient connection to ensure customers could buy products easily. Secondly, as customers would be required to enter their confidential payment details, it was essential that all transactions are safe and secure. Lastly, App2Shop needed its IT infrastructure to be flexible and scalable to support fluctuations in traffic around key shopping times, like Christmas.

As App2Shop was planning to build mobile apps in Germany, and possibly other European countries, its hosting provider also needed to operate from a wider base than just the Netherlands.

Quote icon

Leaseweb can provide the European coverage that will facilitate our growth. We are also highly encouraged by Leaseweb's shared enthusiasm in m-commerce — Boudewijn Verkerk



The solution
Leaseweb gave App2Shop a dedicated server solution that utilizes the latest leading-brand servers, housed in the first CO2-neutral data center in the Netherlands. This advanced facility offers ample growth opportunities and uses significantly less energy than other locations. App2Shop also received access to a state-of-the-art network that offers massive bandwidth capacity. Leaseweb also provided a highly responsive support team who maintain a watchful eye over the network and address problems before they could cause an issue and breakdown of a service.

App2Shop can now scale up, on-demand, while the highly secure network mitigates Internet security risks and reduces latencies. This highly scalable solution ensures optimum page download speeds and virtually no downtime, providing the best customer experience possible. App2Shop has now been working with Leaseweb since November 2011, and during that time, it has experienced zero downtime.