We wanted a party with a good continuous hosting infrastructure and high uptime. Dell recommended Leaseweb, and they were the only provider on the market that offered what we were looking for.


The organization
AFAS Software is a Dutch vendor of ERP software. This privately held company currently employs over 300 people. AFAS mainly targets small and medium-sized businesses with Profit, its ERP application. It also supplies software for applications such as HRM/payroll and accounting. Many organizations, which include Ernst & Young, Free Record Shop, Kwik-Fit, LeasePlan, Oad Reizen, Sandd, and Wibra, already benefit from its software.

Key requirements

  • White label dedicated hosting
  • Scaling up and down quickly
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Efficient administration

The request
AFAS develops its software exclusively for the Microsoft platform and does not offer any customization. It thought about becoming a hosting provider for its customers but eventually decided on outsourcing that part of the service.

AFAS Software was searching for a hosting provider that could deliver high-quality hosting for its web-based ERP services at an excellent, white-label price.

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We were looking for a hosting provider that would supply management up to and including the infrastructure layer, but no further — Rolf de Jong

The solution
Leaseweb gave AFAS a virtualized dedicated hosting solution based on VMware. AFAS Software can integrate the solution under its own name, with its own customer support for its online application products—all white label. AFAS also agreed to a Gold SLA with Leaseweb, who supply and install the required networking equipment, such as firewalls and load balancers. AFAS managed to fill 38 virtual servers with 600 customers in the first three months.