This procedure will guide you to perform the network conversion from Legacy Rack to Leaseweb’s Next-Generation Network (NGN) rack architecture in order to re-establish the server's network connectivity.

Work instructions

Please, follow these instructions to proceed with the network conversion from Legacy Rack to NGN rack architecture.


1) Tech Refresh Preparation.

This section explains how to save the basic network information before the server is moved to the new NGN rack, to facilitate the reconfiguration of the network on the server once the server is in the new rack.

Save the minimal network information.

It is important to keep the minimal network information because you will reconfigure the same IPs once the server is placed in the new Leaseweb NGN rack.

Below you can find the commands to execute in Poweshell or CMD.

ipconfig /all
route print

Save the result in a text file.

2) Post-Tech Refresh (Server already moved to the NGN Rack)

Convert Network Configuration

You will first need to access the remote console of your server. 

To access a server without a network, you need to connect to the VPN and once connected access the IPMI.

Once the server is moved the IPMI connection information will be changed.

You can read the following knowledge base to retrieve the updated credentials.

Network Configuration on a Windows servers

This section will explain how to reconfigure the network on Windows to be compatible with NGN

  1. You will need to log in to Windows and open the server manager
  2. Click on "Local Server" and "NIC Teaming"
  3. A new page will open
    You will find the Team status with the status "Fault"
    From there, you will need to remove the NIC Teaming
  4. Click on Teams Bonding and in Tasks, select "Delete"
  5. A new window will open and select delete
  6. Open the "Network Connections" in the Windows search bar
    Now you will need to reconfigure the IP directly on the network interface
  7. Right-click on Properties
    Review the interface's name, If you see "#2" at the end of the name of this connection, this connection is used for the LAN(Private) interface. The other one is for the WAN(Public) interface.
    1. For example, this network interface doesn't have a #2, which means it will be used as a WAN interface
    2.  This interface is using #2 which means it will be used for the LAN interface
  8. WAN interface,
    Open the network card without "#2" and select properties, then double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
    You will be able to enter your IP address, netmask, and gateway.
    As a DNS server, you can use the Leaseweb default ones which are and

    If you were using the legacy "DNS Servers", you will need to modify them.

    # Legacy DNS servers
    # New DNS servers
  9. You can repeat the same process with the LAN interface if you are using it.
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