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1 . Server housing 



Rackspace is the physical space you need to place your hardware in a colocation space, this is displayed in height units (U's). Before making your choice please check your height and power requirements.

Please note, a Rack Unit in a Shared Colocation space is limited to one device per Rack Unit option. E.g. when selection a 5U Rack Unit, it is not possible to add 2 devices of 2U to this space. A separate Rack Unit must be purchased for each device.


The choice you make depends on the amount of power that your equipment uses. LeaseWeb offers a large range of power options, ensuring that you are able to choose the perfect solution.

Data Center

Access Cards


2 . Hardware 


Power Distribution Unit


3 . Network 

Uplink Port Speed

The uplink port is the maximum network connection speed from the server to the Internet. All servers have a 100/1000 Mbps network card connected for Internet traffic. Our 10 Gbps servers are, of course, supplied with 10 Gbps network cards. Weekly, monthly, and yearly bandwidth graphs are available in real time via the Customer Portal (CP), LeaseWeb’s customer portal. You can also view the projected bandwidth during a billing cycle to help you plan for future needs.


The Volume network includes an economical mix of transit providers allowing for the lower cost to be passed on to the customer. The Premium network includes more transit providers and better speed to those hard to reach providers on the Internet. Leaseweb can meet all your network requirements - depending on the type of application you are hosting at Leaseweb we are able to recommend different networks at varying price points and grades of service.

Fair Use Policy (FUP)

The service is provided to end-user Customers for normal, fair, and reasonable use. Bandwidth usage is to be reasonably consistent throughout every month, without irregular bandwidth usage patterns, either individually or as part of a group of Customer servers. For more details please see the Leaseweb Policies


Virtual Servers and Cloud:
Every Virtual Server and Cloud instance is provided with a single IPv4 address. Please note that it is not possible to order additional IPv4 addresses. For Private Cloud you can order up to 256 IP adresses.

Dedicated Servers/Bare Metal Servers:
You can order up to 32 IP addresses for Dedicated or Bare Metal Servers.

You can order up to 256 IP addresses for a half-rack or full rack. For shared Colocation the limit is 16 IP addresses.

Please note that the RIPE Network Coordination Centre has very stringent application criteria for IP assignment. LeaseWeb adheres to this policy and has implemented an internal procedure to comply. This may mean that you are not eligible for the maximum number of IP addresses as stated above. Our sales team will be happy to consult with you on the next steps for requesting additional addresses via sales@leaseweb.com.

4 . Contract 

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