vCloud: A feature-rich Private Cloud solution

vCloud may make it quicker and easier to get your VMware private cloud up and running but that doesn’t mean compromising on a rich suite of features. Our solution gives you comprehensive monitoring and management functionality as well as best in class security and storage options.

The following features all come as standard with your vCloud:


Key features 
Powerful APIIncluded
Fully controllable through VMware vCloud web portalIncluded
Dedicated coresIncluded
VMware ESX hypervisorsIncluded
Fault tolerant designIncluded
Software based firewallIncluded
Software based load balancingIncluded
Virtual networking: software, self serviceIncluded
Template cloningIncluded
Centralized full flash NAS storageIncluded
Storage capacity: Pools of any size for VM storage and snapshotsIncluded
Snapshot managementIncluded
ISO and template managementIncluded
Hybrid cloudIncluded
Middleware: VMware vCloudIncluded
Core versus memory ratio of 1:4Included
Ability to import existing VMware virtual machines and vAppsIncluded