Your Private Cloud powered by Azure Pack

Because it’s based on familiar Microsoft technology, our Private Cloud based on Azure Pack means you can migrate or extend existing workloads much more quickly than with other solutions. This cloud comes with a host of powerful features.

The LeaseWeb Azure cloud is a new and highly available cloud platform which gives you a range of services inspired by Microsoft’s vision of a capable and highly standardized cloud. Based on the hosted Windows Azure Pack using CloudOS, System Center and Hyper-V, it enables you to run and operate your IT services more conveniently than ever by “self-service” using the LeaseWeb customer portal.

  • Hybrid-ready for total flexibility

    Hybrid models which place different workloads in different environments where they can perform best are increasingly seen as the most efficient way to work. Our Azure private cloud is totally flexible and able to combine with traditional (co-located or bare metal) infrastructure.

  • A total solution from a single supplier

    Working with LeaseWeb, you have access to two decades of IaaS experience. It means we can give you clear advice on the best cloud solutions or configurations and help you in operating your infrastructure in the most efficient way. Unlike many of the commodity cloud providers we can provide a more personal service to ensure you get precisely what you need.

  • A cost effective way to build cloud

    Why take on the costs of building – and operating – your own Microsoft-based platform when you can have LeaseWeb do it for you? Our Azure private cloud deployments use a resource pool model which enables you to mix and match the components of your cloud to build one that perfectly matches your needs: not too much, not too little.