Need to use your cloud in bursts? Or just try something out? Get total flexibility but pay only for the time you use.

Flat fee

Want a cloud which gives you extra flexibility and capacity but lets you plan ahead with confidence with a fixed monthly price?

Resource pools let you create and manage multiple instances using your choice of operating system –combined with the total flexibility to allocate resources as required.
You'll benefit from access to our completely redundant storage platform, and an extensive set of features, including templating, cloning, virtual networking, and an open Apache CloudStack API. You can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers to increase the security and scalability of your cloud environment.

  • Powerful open API

    Cut down on manual maintenance tasks by taking advantage of the Apache CloudStack API. You’ll be able to control your infrastructure with automated tools, or integrate your private cloud with your own systems.

  • Rich GUI

    Along with the Cloud we give you access to a user-friendly AJAX-based GUI, offering you full control over all private cloud features and functionality. Use the panel to monitor resource usage, assign capacity to projects, and control all aspects of your infrastructure. Roll out new instances, load balancers or virtual networks in minutes, or create snapshots before you start your maintenance activities.

  • Dedicated resources

    You can be sure that your applications will run fast and reliably on the LeaseWeb platform. That’s because they’ll have everything they need to perform to their potential. We provide full, unshared access to all cores and memory available in your private cloud. We also use fast Intel Xeon CPUs and tune the servers to run as fast as possible.

  • Redundant enterprise-class storage

    Your private cloud runs on enterprise-class network-attached storage, where data is duplicated across separate racks for redundancy. You’ll enjoy access to advanced storage features via our easy-to-use customer portal. From there, you can take ad-hoc snapshots of disk volumes for backups or maintenance scenarios, create your own operating system installs by attaching ISO images, or roll your own templates in order to clone and deploy instances easily.

  • Leading-brand hardware featuring the latest technology

    Our prices are competitive. But that doesn’t mean we cut corners on hardware. Our cloud platforms are built on advanced hardware from the world’s leading brands. All private clouds run on servers with multiple 2+ Ghz Intel Xeon processors, and are connected to multi-gigabit networks. And of course, we use separate physical networks for storage and Internet access, so you can be sure of the very best performance possible.

  • Flexible resource allocation improves efficiency

    Distribute resources across instances and projects as you see fit. You’ll be able to access a virtually unlimited amount of on-demand compute resources – with dedicated cores for each individual instance. You can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers to upgrade security and boost scalability.

  • State-of-the-art network provides massive bandwidth capacity

    Enjoy unsurpassed global connectivity while reducing latencies. Our public cloud platform connects to the LeaseWeb Premium Network, which encompasses 29 IXs and 43 PoPs worldwide, and provides an uptime of 99.9999% and 5.5 Tbps available bandwidth capacity.

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