Leaseweb Private CDN allows you to retain full control over the amount, location and power of your dedicated resources. This managed CDN service is software-based, allowing you to bring your own hardware. Additionally, choose to design your desired network together with one of our experts to optimize your end-user experience. Leaseweb Private CDN is tailored to your business needs and ready to scale any time, while realizing one of the highest bandwidth throughputs in the industry.

Leaseweb Private CDN is the ultimate efficient solution for high-demanding forms of content and large file delivery such as video, live streaming or other OTT (over-the-top) media services. The Private CDN is hybrid-ready in combination with Leaseweb Multi-CDN adding extra reach and capacity, manageable from one single dashboard.

How Does it Work?

Leaseweb Private Content Delivery Network serves content with dedicated resources leading to even better performance and ready to scale exactly where and when you need.

Content delivered with a Private CDN

Managed Service

Leaseweb Private CDN is a fully managed service, empowering you to focus on your customers and their experience. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, from ideation to success.

Full Control

Quickly adapt thanks to real time monitoring and raw log reporting features. Deployment time of 1 business day allows for scaling whenever you need.

Superior Performance

Our fourth-generation CDN, combining our software with your hardware, allows for excellent end-user experiences. You have the option to use your own commodity hardware or use our infrastructure, allowing for the best performing content distribution.

Your Own Network

Regardless of the size of your network, Leaseweb Private Content Delivery Network adapts accordingly. Whether you need local presence or aim for a worldwide expansion in traffic, we support you with every PoP in your network.

Hybrid CDN Ready

The comprehensive portal allows you to monitor, adapt and switch between Leaseweb Private and Multi-CDN from one uniform dashboard.


  • Fully dedicated resources
  • Dedicated cache
  • (Custom) SSL certificates
  • HTTP/2 enabled
  • Token authentication

CDN Resources

  • Achieve 99,9% cache-hit rate with optimal tailor made configurations
  • Add additional caching tiers for additional performance and resiliency

Reporting and Analytics

  • Realtime reporting
  • On-premise and public CDN in one interface
  • Real time raw logs

"Always On" Support

  • Discuss your support needs with one of our experts when setting up this bespoke service
  • Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is always available


  • Unlimited reach and scale
  • Running on your own network


  • Dashboard can be white-labelled
  • Fully client-side
  • Easy to modify

Object Storage

  • Leverage our public Object Storage platform or have dedicated on-premise object storage in one or more locations