Ever been surprised by your public cloud billing? You’re not the first. Many organizations have suffered from a mild or severe financial hangover after their public cloud migration.

In fact, many companies decide to re-evaluate their cloud journey and steer towards a hybrid solution, where they can keep their costs under control and rely on the cloud where it matters most.

Sounds like a big step, but as hybrid IT is more flexible, easier to manage, and more resource-efficient than ever before… it has become a viable option.

In many cases these companies use exactly the same type of infrastructure, get more performance out of it and cut costs.

So let the numbers do the talking.

At Leaseweb, we use an independent, free and detailed method to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and find out how you can optimize your public cloud spend.

Want to know if you could save money by moving to a hybrid IT-infrastructure?

Ask for a free and effortless calculation. Our experts will gladly come over and do the math with you, using a clever AI-tool that is developed by Kostner, an independent organization specialized in public cloud cost optimization.

Ask for a free TCO calculation