Does it add up? The true cost of public cloud

The public cloud sounded very promising at the start. You expected to cut costs with the scalable economics of cloud, but it turned out differently. You lost track of the data volumes and the expenses skyrocketed. How can you regain control?

TCO Guide

What they don’t tell you about public cloud

59% of companies say that cost overrun in the cloud is a real issue for their company. But would a hybrid IT-environment save them vital cash? In our TCO Guide, we compare the numbers so you get a clear insight into the costs of public cloud versus a more flexible hybrid solution.

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Take back control with Leaseweb

Was your public cloud journey a financial disappointment? Moving to a hybrid IT-infrastructure could save you up to 40% on TCO. Next-gen IT-infrastructure is more efficient, can be managed by a small team and will allow you to cut costs related to support, maintenance and unused capacity.

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40% TCO savings

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