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Design the cloud environment that suits your needs

VMware vSphere is Leaseweb's single tenant private cloud solution based on VMware vSphere, hosted in our top-tier data centers. Achieve ultimate stability by deploying your critical services on enterprise-grade hardware and in a private rack with dedicated compute resources for use by your organization only.

Leaseweb manages and maintains the underlying platform, hardware, and software components while giving you the freedom to customize and design your cloud environment to suit your needs.


Leaseweb is VMware By Broadcom Premier Partner

Leaseweb is proud to be a VMware by Broadcom Premier Partner, committed to delivering top-tier VMware Cloud validated solutions. Benefit from our comprehensive, reliable, and compatible cloud services backed by VMware's cutting-edge technology. 

How to Utilize Leaseweb’s VMware vSphere

Enterprise-Grade Applications

Organizations with extensive and complex applications, such as ERP systems, CRM software, or mission-critical databases, need to run on platforms that can guarantee minimal risk of performance fluctuations while also having a predictable billing system. By choosing vSphere, your applications benefit from an infrastructure setup that assures a consistent and predictable high performance for your critical applications.

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VMware vSphere Key Features


Highly Redundant Infrastructure

Leaseweb’s vSphere Private Cloud architecture ensures a built-in N+1 resiliency model to ensure your servers’ availability in the event of a component failure. vSphere's High Availability (HA) feature provides automated monitoring and recovery for VMs in the event of host failures, ensuring minimal downtime. The vSphere environment is designed to tolerate the failure of at least one of the hypervisors. This redundant capacity is already accounted for and included as a part of the initially contracted resources. Service Level Agreements are included by default.


No Noisy Neighbours

The advantage of our single tenant vSphere deployment is the exclusive environment. With dedicated resources and infrastructure, you can enjoy a virtual environment free from disruptions and resource contention, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for your critical workloads.


Alerts, monitoring & insights

You can easily configure vCenter alerts and monitoring to keep a close watch on critical events like policy violations, resource utilization, and virtual machine errors, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the health of your cloud environment.


Powerful API

Reduce manual maintenance tasks and take advantage of the vCenter API or automate in Powershell using cmdlets provided via PowerCLI. Control your infrastructure with automated tools or integrate your private cloud with your own systems.



You also have the flexibility of using vCenter’s content library, giving you full control with your OS of choice or specific detailed tuning/patching. You can create and import your own templates and ISO images into the content library of vCenter. You can equally choose to clone or convert existing VMs to templates to be deployed.


We have Backup as a Service powered by Veeam Technologies.

This solution allows you to back up your entire infrastructure or only those virtual machines requiring extra protection and continuity. For the virtual machines you chose, you can define your own retention policies, execute restore operations, and carry out many management tasks. We take care of the platform and keep it updated and patched at software and hardware levels.

The backup platform is completely hosted by Leaseweb but your backups are managed by you. For specifics and details, please see this article.

Disaster Recovery*

Protect your applications and data from disruption and ensure your organization’s business continuity.

Our DRaaS is powered by Zerto, allowing you to benefit from RPOs and RTOs that exceed industry standards. Implementing DR with vSphere would require a similar vSphere deployment and setup in a secondary location where workloads would be replicated. Between certain datacenters, you also have the possibility to replicate and recover from your private vSphere deployment to our vCloud environment. Also, self-service capability is fully enabled, and you can configure, monitor, and control protection and failover policies whenever necessary.

*Now only available in the UK and the Netherlands.

Why Leaseweb

First-class Cloud Architecture

Leaseweb Cloud Solutions run on enterprise-class hardware from leading manufacturers within the industry and are equipped with the latest Intel processors, ensuring your business applications experience uncompromising performance. Leaseweb’s network is designed to deliver reliability and seamless operation, minimizing the chances of latency, outages, or downtime. We implemented a comprehensive redundancy strategy and a multi-vendor approach across all network routers, resulting in 10+Tbps bandwidth capacity and 99.999% uptime.

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Product Sheet

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

Learn more about how our DR solution will help you to ensure business continuity.

Product Sheet

Leaseweb VMware vSphere

All the specifications you need to know about our VMware solutions and what it could do for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

vSphere is a single tenant solution with dedicated hypervisors per tenant, whereas vCloud is a multi-tenant offering where multiple customer instances are supported behind a similar underlying infrastructure. While vCloud is more suitable for medium workloads, vSphere is ideal for enterprise-grade deployments and applications with high customizability and performance requirements.
Our vSphere solution leverages established VMware technology, allowing for seamless migration of your VMware workloads to our dedicated vSphere private cloud. Your applications can run natively without the need for any refactoring.
Yes, we have it. You can find it here
The vSphere platform is custom-built for a customer and can optionally include firewalls and load balancers. By default, no firewall or load balancer is included.
At the moment, we only support Leaseweb’s cloud-to-cloud DR setups.

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