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Choose from Leaseweb's extensive range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans

Product available currently in Germany, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

Best Virtual Private Servers - VPS Hosting

With our Virtual Private Server, you don’t need to manage the physical infrastructure lifecycle anymore. Our VPS solution offers flexibility for your growth and easy scalability without long-term investments. Benefit from simplicity with single-click access to powerful computing resources from enterprise hardware. Delivered to you within minutes, our VPS packages offer global data centers with redundant design and expert 24/7 customer care making it a perfect hosting platform.

Want to upgrade VPS Storage?

You have the flexibility to expand your VPS storage without upgrading your VPS package.
Easily increase the storage capacity of your VPS in the Customer Portal.

Ideal for Usage in:


Web Servers


Code Repositories


Blogs, Forums, E-commerce


Dev/Test Servers

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Web Application


Small Databases

Why Choose a Leaseweb VPS?


Completely Customizable

Choose your package size, data center location, backup software, operating systems and control panels, bandwidth, and contract parameters (including SLAs, contract terms, and billing terms).


Accessible Customer Portal

Control every aspect of your virtual private servers in the Leaseweb Customer Portal, including server management, viewing network data traffic graphs and reports, SLA upgrades, free basic firewall configuration, software control panel installation, and data traffic notification setups.


State-of-the-Art Network

All virtual private servers are connected to our state of the art network, offering full redundancy on all routers. This network uses multiple Tier1 transit providers in addition to private and public peering. Data traffic packages come free of charge, with volume based on the VPS you select.


VPS Snapshots

Snapshots allow you to recover the state of your data exactly as it was at a given point in time. It's especially important to take a snapshot before performing a major change in your VPS. Every VPS comes with built-in snapshot data protection as a standard feature.


Firewall Filtering

Leaseweb provides a free Basic Firewall for all virtual private servers. The firewall is a network-based service on our hypervisor that provides TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic blocking. When on, the firewall blocks all traffic that is not explicitly permitted by a defined firewall rule.


DDoS Protection

Standard DDoS protection is included with every VPS. Our service uses globally located detectors to protect your servers from volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, mitigating malicious traffic and forwarding clean traffic with little to no impact on the end user.


Infrastructure Monitoring

Leaseweb Monitoring is a free add-on that gives you unprecedented insight into your infrastructure. Choose to be notified when failing checks occur to spend less time on unexpected interruptions and more time on growing your business.


Powerful APIs

Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable you to control every VPS you have at Leaseweb. Using these APIs, you are able to list your virtual private servers, retrieve information, power on and off, reboot, reinstall, and retrieve administrative information.


Flexible SSD Storage

Leaseweb VPS solutions are built on state-of-the-art all-flash SSD storage disks, so you can enjoy reduced latency and increased reliability for all of your business-critical cloud applications. VPS storage can be easily expanded without upgrading your VPS package.

Acronis Backup for VPS

We offer Acronis Backup enterprise-grade solutions for all of our VPS products, with packages ranging from 25GB to 500GB. A leading name in backup, Acronis is a fast, scalable, and reliable solution for your files, applications, and complete systems.

Operating Systems

Start running your VPS on one of these multipurpose operating systems:














Rocky Linux

Web Control Panels

Manage your website with one of these control panel options:


Easy-to-use control panel that helps you automate and grow applications, websites, and hosting businesses.

Starting from



Feature-rich control panel that simplifies running, automation and control of a website in a few clicks.

Starting from



Product Sheet

Virtual Private Server

Leaseweb virtual private servers provide reliability and high performance without the hassle of managing physical server hardware.


Frequency Asked questions

Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting provides a simple and easy-to-use cloud computing service, a server running within powerful enterprise physical servers. This is accomplished with a software-hypervisor that offers dedicated resources exclusively to you and allows you to host websites, online shops, test, and develop applications. Your data is completely isolated and secured with DDoS and firewall protection.

After your order delivery is completed, you can log in to the Leaseweb Customer Portal and begin using your VPS. You can immediately start hosting your website, running your applications, and more.

  • Always-on services with DDoS and firewall protection included in the package
  • High performing and cost-effective
  • 100% availability with our premium network, no downtime
  • Easily managed via Customer Portal, root/admin access
  • Growth of your business with speed and scalability

When you choose a VPS instead of a dedicated server, you free yourself from physical hardware management, manual OS updates, firewall management and more. With VPS, Leaseweb takes care of virtualization, hardware management and platform security. If you prefer full control over your hardware, dedicated servers may be more aligned with your needs.

When compared to shared hosting solutions, VPS gives you more control over your resources and provides better performance. VPS solutions are also more flexible than shared hosting plans. If you are a growing business or are looking to scale up your resources, you may not fit into small shared hosting solutions and would be better suited with VPS.

You can select and order one of our seven VPS packages by choosing a package from the table above, or by going straight to our VPS configurator webpage here.

Of course, you can access your server through an encrypted SSH connection (Linux) or via RDP (Windows) and thus have full control over all your servers. A KVM console is also available in the Customer Portal to help ensure access to the server in case of firewall or network limitations for SSH or RDP connections.

A VPS is delivered within a few minutes, unless you have very specific requirements.

A website order is verified by us either by phone or via email. This is a one-time verification process applicable only for your first order. Once verified, the order will be delivered fully automated within 24 hours.

You can follow the status of your application on the customer portal here.

You can upgrade your VPS storage in the customer portal by following these steps here.

Storage upgrades starting from 10 GB are available and can be instantly activated.

Yes, a free Basic Firewall is included for all VPS’s. The firewall is a network-based service on our hypervisor that provides TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic blocking. When on, the firewall blocks all traffic that is not explicitly permitted by your defined firewall rules. For more information, please view this firewall article on our Knowledge Base.

VPS's get one public IPv4 address. You cannot obtain additional IPv4 addresses for VPS. For more information, view this article on IP addresses. It is possible to request IPv6 addresses for free, and we assign a /112. For information about obtaining IPv6 addresses for your virtual server, refer to our article on IPv6.

Our Basic Service Level Agreement is included with every VPS at no additional charge. If additional support is required, there are multiple SLA levels you can upgrade to. View all our Service Level Agreement options here.

You can upgrade your virtual server pack in the customer portal.

To downgrade, please cancel your VPS and order a new VPS with the desired specifications.

Please note - downgrading a VPS package is not technically possible, as downgrading disk space means the removal of a part of disk space which could lead to data loss (even if you are not utilizing the full disk space). If you would like to switch to a smaller VPS, you can order a new VPS here with the new desired specifications. Your existing VPS will need to be cancelled, and you will need to backup and transfer your data to the new server.

Yes, APIs are available for our VPS solutions. These give you the ability to control every VPS you have with Leaseweb. Using APIs, you will be able to list your virtual servers, retrieve information, power on and off, reboot, and reinstall all of your VPS’s. See more information on available VPS APIs here.

You can find more information about Leaseweb VPS solutions on our extensive online here.

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