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Grow your business and deliver the best online marketing web services to exceed your customers' expectations. We understand that customer traffic can grow drastically. The communication between users, your servers and ad networks needs to be handled in a matter of milliseconds. We will help you design and manage an easily scalable and cost efficient infrastructure solution, with high speed and low latency.

How Our MarTech & AdTech Hosting Solutions Benefit You



Designed to handle millions of clicks per day and to help you optimize your users' experience. Wherever your content and data need to go, our global network of data centers and PoPs with high performing servers ensure close proximity to the end point, while reducing latency and costs during your real time bidding (RTB) process.



Our scalable solutions support your business growth. As you experience exponential growth, we will scale with you while remaining cost efficient. Our experts carefully match the right infrastructure components with the best solution for your business needs.


Personal consultation

We understand that you need to focus on your core business and on delivering the best experience to your clients. We’re ready to help design, build and manage your platform, and to support you in the whole process. We value collaboration and offer you the peace of mind required to focus on growing your company.


Security, compliance and support

Your users expect you to keep their data secure. We offer extensive software and hardware-based security, and 24/7 security and abuse related support services. Our global data centers comply with crucial and stringent standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC type 1, HIPAA and PCI DSS and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Our Industry Leading Network

All components we use to create our MarTech hosting solutions are built on our state-of-the-art network. Thanks to over 20 years of expertise, we have created a global network that is truly reliable. At the core of everything we do, our network ensures your Marketing Technology platform is always available at the highest speed.

Core Components

Our MarTech hosting solutions consist of optimally combined core components matched to your needs.


Dedicated Servers

We use high performance dedicated servers with high bandwidth options. This ensures great gameplay at the highest speed.  



Our cloud technologies are ideal for games and platforms that require flexibility and scalability when your number of users grows exponentially.


Backup and Recovery

No solution is complete without proper backup and recovery. We partner with two of the leading data protection providers in the industry to ensure the continuity of your data and workloads.



Cyber Security

DDoS attacks can jeopardize your gamers' loyalty. Rely on us to protect your infrastructure against DDoS attacks and hackers with hardware and cloud-based security services.



Our portfolio of Content Delivery Networks distributes your content anywhere in the world at lightning fast speed, optimizing instantaneous delivery of media and marketing analytics to your customers.

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