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Industries: SaaS

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Delft, the Netherlands

Size: 500 -1000

The Customer

TOPdesk is an independent, international provider of service management solutions based in Delft. They are a proud, young, innovative organization with commitment, trust and respect for each other and their customers.

TOPdesk is one of the fastest-growing service management providers worldwide. They provide a service management solution for IT, FM and HR processes. Every day, over 4000 companies worldwide use TOPdesk’s service management software to process requests, questions, complaints, and malfunctions. In 2007, TOPdesk introduced a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution alongside their regular ‘on-premises’ solutions. As well as providing new benefits to its customers, the SaaS solution opened up a world of new opportunities for the company – as it would enable the company to expand globally.

TOPdesk was quick to recognize the potential of SaaS back in 2007, seeing it as a way of developing stronger relationships with customers and enabling their expansion. The company, however, did not have the required infrastructure to host it for their growing customer base.

The Challenge

After hosting their SaaS solution on co-located hardware at the Leaseweb datacenters, TOPdesk quickly realized that their expertise is in building service management software, not hosting it. They wanted to keep focus on improving the experience of their customers, and not get side tracked by concerns about hosting resources and expertise to facilitate rapid growth. TOPdesk needed a hosting partner that would help them scale up as the business grows and would provide a highly reliable and secure hosting service which maintains the trust and goodwill of TOPdesk users. Uptime, scalability, and availability were paramount.

The Solution

TOPdesk sought out Leaseweb as they were looking for a partner who would take a personalized approach and could provide infrastructure to help them expand globally.

To meet all of TOPdesk's needs, Leaseweb developed a hybrid cloud solution consisting of Private Cloud, Bare Metal Servers and storage, underlined by advanced SLAs. Our solution enables TOPdesk to quickly scale as and when needed, with the power and flexibility to handle any workload. Connectivity for TOPdesk customers is powered by the Leaseweb Network, which has a core uptime of 99.999% and a bandwidth capacity of 5.5 Tbps. TOPdesk also outsources management of its hosting network to Leaseweb, making use of Leaseweb’s Networking Management Packs, with Leaseweb performing configuration, changes, monitoring, incident resolution (including back-ups and restores) and version management for the load balancers, firewalls and switches.

The Leaseweb solution ensures a superb customer experience with low latency and high performance. In addition to this, the physical and data security measures of Leaseweb’s data centers give TOPdesk complete peace of mind and Leaseweb Service Status provides efficient troubleshooting whenever required. Leaseweb helps with hosting certification issues to reassure TOPdesk customers of the integrity of the SaaS solution.

Key requirements

  • High Scalability
  • High reliability
  • Certified security
  • Global infrastructure

Our hybrid solution

  • Private Cloud
  • Bare Metal Servers
  • Extensive physical and data security measures at data centers
  • Compliance and certification
  • Global cloud hosting

"Leaseweb is a valuable partner in thinking of technical solutions, but also providing advice on legal and cultural issues that arise during scaling."

Jeroen Boks , CIO, TOPdesk

The Partnership

Jeroen Boks, CIO of TOPdesk, described Leaseweb as a “valuable partner in thinking of technical solutions, but also providing advice on legal and cultural issues that arise during scaling.” Jeroen, who has known Leaseweb since 2007, finds our transparent and agile way of working a good fit for TOPdesk – who like to operate in a similar way. Our technical experts regularly meet to discuss new developments and Leaseweb provide both standardised and customised technology depending on the technical brief. By keeping our communication open and honest, we have been able to establish a close connection built on trust, and this enables TOPdesk to make the best decisions for their future growth.

The Outcome

Jeroen, who is the technology lead for TOPdesk’s SaaS platform, noticed a great improvement in availability, latency, and number of interruptions when Leaseweb began managing their infrastructure.

In addition to these noticeable improvements, the business has successfully scaled up globally on the infrastructure Leaseweb provides.

How Leaseweb enabled TOPdesk global expansion:

  • In 2007 TOPdesk has 1 of ~3000 customers on SaaS solution
  • In 2008 TOPdesk has ~100 of ~3000 customers on SaaS solution
  • In 2018 TOPdesk has ~2000 of ~4800 global customers on SaaS solution


Now, in 2018, TOPdesk has expanded throughout Europe and the US, and 40% of their customers are using their SaaS solution.

"We are looking forward to more global expansion and building more services on the infrastructure Leaseweb provides.”

Jeroen Boks , CIO, TOPdesk

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