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Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Size: 50 - 100

The Customer

Copernica is a software company based in Amsterdam that specializes in email marketing. Their products include Copernica Marketing Software, MailerQ and SMTPeter. They develop software that allows businesses to execute complex automated email marketing campaigns based on user data and behavior. To track performance, Copernica gathers as much data as possible around each email campaign. This creates large volumes of data that needs to be stored and processed, so it’s crucial for the company to have reliable infrastructure.

The Challenge

Copernica was managing their own servers, but as the company was growing, they wanted to find a more scalable and manageable solution. The company wanted to scale the capacity of processing workloads and bandwidth consumption. Managing this was affecting their resources and was causing interruptions to their service. They needed a hosting partner that could free up time for their development teams and rapidly deploy infrastructure without interrupting the business.

“We are dealing with very much varying workloads on our systems, so we need to be able to scale up and down to go with that flow. Right now, we are gearing up for Christmas time which includes things like Black Friday where we’ll have to accommodate big spikes in traffic which we might not see in January or February for example."

Feike Wierda, Head of Operations, Copernica

The Solution

Leaseweb created a hybrid cloud environment to fit the customer. This consists of Leaseweb Private Cloud and colocated servers at Leaseweb’s highly-secure data centers, connected by 10 Gigabit fibers. The Private Cloud solution is a configurable, dedicated environment with infinite scalability.

The Leaseweb Network then plugs into this hybrid setup and ensures low latency and high uptime around the world. Our network has enough bandwidth capacity to handle large spikes in traffic which Copernica experiences.

Key requirements

  • Flexibility – accommodating owned infrastructure and unique requests
  • Scalability – managing varying workloads
  • Managed infrastructure – to improve continuity
  • Secure hosting facilities

Our solution

  • Hybrid Cloud – flexible solution with on-demand resources
  • Leaseweb Private Cloud and Network – scalability on capacity and bandwidth
  • Reliable hosting – infrastructure managed by hosting experts
  • Top-tier, ISO certified data centers

The Partnership

The partnership has strengthened over time due to the reliability of Leaseweb services, which have remained stable for many years with Copernica. By keeping their systems running at all times, we have earned the trust of the customer.

“We don’t deal with support all that often as we hardly have any issues at all with our infrastructure. This is one of the best things about working with Leaseweb."

Feike Wierda, Head of Operations, Copernica

The Outcome

Leaseweb now hosts and manages Copernica’s infrastructure and has moved various processes to the private cloud solution to cope with varying workloads more efficiently. Copernica has solved their problems with scaling processing and bandwidth consumption which was causing interruptions to business continuity. The company has successfully doubled their cloud network usage over the last year.

Copernica now has a flexible hybrid cloud environment with infinite scalability. The updated infrastructure is improving software performance and positively impacting their business internally. Their DevOps teams can now focus on running their software without hosting concerns, and as a result, have renewed focus on their core business.

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