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"Technical support Leaseweb provided was the standout factor that assured us we made the right decision."


"Going from 30 to 200 servers, from 200 clients to 2000: I can’t imagine how we could’ve done it without Leaseweb’s help."


"We wanted a party with a good continuous hosting infrastructure and high uptime. Dell recommended Leaseweb, and they were the only provider on the market that offered what we were looking for."


“Leaseweb’s solution was more adaptable than AWS and provided us with that all-important backup and disaster recovery option, which is so vital to an organization. It also makes global expansion and growth an achievable reality."


"Leaseweb made it the top choice to tackle various challenges, ranging from web hosting to media delivery and running special applications in a fast and secure hybrid vCloud environment.”


“We needed scalable infrastructure so we partnered with Leaseweb to build a hybrid cloud solution which includes a dedicated private cloud."


"You feel like the customer value at Leaseweb is very high. Small problems can have a big impact on our games, so we need a partner like Leaseweb.”


"You are now seeing a move from public cloud to private in the market for ERP solutions, and we are ready for it. We see great opportunities for us to grow together.”


"I think Leaseweb is one of the only providers we know that is so open-minded to our ideas and even if we come up with something that looks really impossible, we always find a solution and just go for it.”


"Hosting is a specialization, which is why we always tell customers to turn to Leaseweb for hosting. It is safer, more stable, and also more cost-effective in the long term."

International Paralympics Committee

"Leaseweb designed an infrastructure solution, which required careful management and planning to provide scalability when required, without risking any downtime."


"Intrastores continues to experience rapid growth and tightly manages capacity through a highly advanced and global infrastructure from Leaseweb at very competitive prices."


"We’ve noticed that Leaseweb always keeps in mind the big picture and proactively makes the right decisions to ensure their clients’ continued growth."


“Leaseweb provides an excellent international network where we can have our racks redundantly and remote hands when we need them. We haven't found this combination anywhere else.”


"Leaseweb Dedicated Servers are helping us roll out our products with an effective use of our resources and with more predictability for our business.”


“Planning and delivering not only a major hardware upgrade but also a data center migration with zero downtime has only been possible because of the ability of the JTC and Leaseweb teams to work together as one. We have enormous trust in Leaseweb."


“We have built a personal relationship with the people at Leaseweb after working together for almost 10 years. We feel like we really have a partner we can trust.”


”We have two data centers in Amsterdam, and I still have the impression that Leaseweb’s AMS-02 data center was designed to address our specific needs.”


“Leaseweb USA was able to provide us the complete customized package we were looking for at a competitive price. The dedicated servers and colocation options, in combination with Leaseweb USA’s professional"

Nice People at Work

"Leaseweb’s hosting facilities ensure a high uptime. They provide a secure and climate controlled environment as well as a continuous power supply."


"Leaseweb’s hosting facilities ensure a high uptime. They provide a secure and climate controlled environment as well as a continuous power supply."


“Leaseweb’s hardware and colocation services give us a competitive edge. Our advances in infrastructure performance is a major win for us, and a major win for me as CIO.”


"We require a solution that is extremely reliable, and if problems arise we need to have support from the hoster’s side to address issues quickly."

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"We are very impressed with the reduction in the cost of our dedicated hosting provision since we moved our core servers to Leaseweb. The customer service has been exceptional."


"The platform is reliable, and the maintenance and advice that Leaseweb provides is hugely important; it allows our staff to focus on our primary business, instead of the hardware."


“Scalability is crucial. When suddenly from 1,000 viewers you must be prepared for 10,000, you need a service that is robust, safe, and highly responsive.”


"As a hosting provider however, Leaseweb is simply huge in the industry. It is a global top-10 player, which made it interesting for us to have our routing technology hosted by them."

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"We chose Leaseweb because they are continuously growing and as a company, they proactively innovate in order to improve their products."


"We were able to easily scale the number of Speakap users over the years because of Leaseweb.”


"Leaseweb are a great team to work with and have delivered everything asked of them. They provide us with an excellent service, not only in Amsterdam but also in the U.S."

XDA Developers

"I know Leaseweb by reputation and excellent pricing models. This was a major determining factor in our decision to choose Leaseweb as our IaaS provider."


"It's a mindset that's deep in the culture of Yubo: build things that scale." Arthur Patora, Co-founder & CTO, Yubo


"Leaseweb provides all technical competencies alongside the high performance and flexibility that you can usually only get from hyperscalers."