LeaseWeb to open U.S Datacenter

LeaseWeb, one of Europe’s largest quality hosting providers, has today announced it will open its first datacenter in the United States early next year, as part of a major global expansion program to increase its footprint worldwide.  The datacenter, which will be LeaseWeb’s first location outside of Europe, will open in early 2011 in Manassas, Virginia, to meet a fast growing demand for hosting services in North America. The datacenter will serve both current clients and new customers. LeaseWeb’s managing director Con Zwinkels has confirmed that a number of existing clients have pre-signed sales agreements to be part of the initial launch in the U.S.

LeaseWeb, part of the Ocom group of internet companies, offers a large range of innovative hosting products and services. The LeaseWeb product line includes dedicated servers, colocation, virtualization and cloud, and tailored infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of internet professionals and enterprise customers. LeaseWeb has a bandwidth capacity of more than one terabit per second (1 Tbps) in Europe and intends to offer customers comparable network excellence in the U.S. 

Based in the Netherlands, LeaseWeb currently has 30,000 customer servers spread throughout five datacenter locations in Amsterdam and Brussels and peers with more than 20 internet exchanges in Europe and the U.S. LeaseWeb was founded in 1997 by Con Zwinkels and Laurens Rosenthal while they were college students. Both internet pioneers are still “hands on” directors with senior roles in the company. Founded in a house attic with a single server LeaseWeb has rapidly grown into a key player in the global hosting market.

Con Zwinkels noted that LeaseWeb will be one of the few European companies to offer quality hosting services in the United States. He said: “The United States is one of the most competitive hosting markets in the world. We expect the new LeaseWeb datacenter to be very attractive to our many global customers seeking the same hosting services and connectivity in the United States as they receive in Europe. In fact, we already have had a number of customers sign-up.”

Customers will receive hosting with top quality hardware via LeaseWeb’s strategic relationships with companies such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Juniper and APC. Services will be supported and maintained by LeaseWeb’s own highly trained staff of engineers and technicians.

Con Zwinkels indicated that the opening of LeaseWeb’s American datacenter is only the first of a number of key initiatives LeaseWeb will undertake in the next year to increase its global presence. He continued: “There is a large market for the quality and value LeaseWeb offers its customers. We plan to increase our share of the worldwide hosting marketplace, by offering LeaseWeb customers high value data infrastructure options, and technically advanced hosting products and services to meet client needs.”