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Getting closer to customers

We use all kinds of methods to find out how customers are experiencing our products and services. Surveys, feedback by e-mail, social – not to mention what you’re telling us face to face – all help us see things from your perspective. And by doing that, we get a better picture of your experience which helps us focus on making it better and better.

A key approach in this is the "Net Promotor" model. Using results from customer surveys, it gives a Net Promotor Score which can be used to constantly drive improvements. But figures on a page mean nothing unless you – the customer – notice a difference on the ground. That’s why we constantly analyze every aspect of our business to identify sticking points and work out how to put things right.

Tell us how we're doing

Your feedback is one of the key drivers in all this. It helps us enormously to constantly improve our products and services and, ultimately, to realize our customer-focused vision. So we want to hear from you, even if it’s about things that went wrong. That way we can get busy making improvements that will result in real changes that benefit everyone.


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Customer Commitment Program

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